Jazzed Up

Wuz Up my various followers it`s your favorite blog DJ Thelonious J, and yes I`m back from break and I`ll be posting my mixes again starting with this one Jazzed Up,I thought start this mixing run with one of my favorite subjects
jazz.This mix features stylings of Kenny Burrell,Freddie Hubbard,Thelonious Monk,and a bit more. I like this mix a lot and I hope you will to, ladies and gentlemen, Jazzed Up.

Jazzed Up

1.Kenny Burrell-Mule/Midnight Blue

2.Wes Montgomery-A Day in The Life/A Day in the Life

3.Thelonious Monk-Monk`s Dream (Take 8)/Monk`s Dream

4.Phaoroah Sanders-Colors/Karma

5.Kenny Burrell-Soul Lament/Midnight Blue

6.McCoy Tyner-Message From The Nile/Extensions

7.Freddie Hubbard-Open Sesame/Open Sesame

8.Wayne Shorter-Night Dreamer/Night Dreamer

9.Lee Morgan-The Procrastinator/The Procrastinator

10.Grant Green-Bedouin/Matador

About theafrobeat

I am a man who likes creativeness and plays football and just wants to add something to life
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