Modern Funksmanship

This Mix is a Tribute to those hitmakers ,in my opinion, who base their style of music off of Old-School funk/Electro-Funk and incorporate they into the music they create today . This mix will feature the stylings of Dam-Funk, Flying Lotus, and, many more artists, Ladies and Gents Modern Funksmanship.

Modern Funksmanship


2.Dam-Funk-The Sky is Ours/Toeachizown

3.Shafiq Husayn-Love Still Hurts/Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka

4.Shafiq Husayn-Dust & Kisses ft. Noni Lamar/Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka

5.Waajeed-Tron/The War LP

6.Koushik-Only Dreaming/Be With

7.Dr.Who Dat?-Deep Blaque/Beat Journey

8.Flying Lotus-1983/1983

9.Madlib-Slim`s Return/Slim`s Return

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About theafrobeat

I am a man who likes creativeness and plays football and just wants to add something to life
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