My new Blog

Wuzup everybody If you don`t know me by now the name is Thelonious J and I have completely scratched my Jazz Enterprise Networks project and I have completely revamped my whole reason of really blogging. So now I have decided to give you music mixes each week on a different genre, that I have personally compiled, that you can use in everyday life if you choose to, and to add some fun to it I`m going to let you make suggestions on what my next week`s mix genre should be  just comment or e-mail me your idea at and I will choose and feature your name over the mix I chose. I truly hope you enjoy and listen.


About theafrobeat

I am a man who likes creativeness and plays football and just wants to add something to life
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One Response to My new Blog

  1. Terry Fjeld says:

    Thanks for your justification. I prefer to make out the print Marcy

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