Jazz at it`s Best

This first mix will be a short one just to start the festivities. It is short little compilation of, what the title cut says, Jazz at it`s Best.This will feature Old School Jazz artists such as Hampton Hawes and Horace Silver to 80`s and 90`s Jazz artists like Bob James and Donald Harrison. The Reason I chose this mix is because it reminds me of Times when life was simple to me, and when everything was easy.

Jazz at it`s Best

1.Hampton Hawes-Universe/ Prestige LP

2.Bob James/Earl Klugh-Whiplash/ Two of a Kind

3. Donald Harrison-Tropic of Cool/ The Power of Cool

4.Chuck Loeb-…Of The Moon/ The Moon, The Stars, and The Setting Sun

5. Horace Silver Quintet-Metamorphosis/The Stylings Of Silver

6.Kool and The Gang-Winter Sadness/ Kool Jazz


About theafrobeat

I am a man who likes creativeness and plays football and just wants to add something to life
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5 Responses to Jazz at it`s Best

  1. kiki says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  2. nijazz says:

    Some awesome tunes – big fan of Horace Silver! I’ve just started a blog on jazz in Northern Ireland, trying to get some inspiration for it. Love the list, you doing more jazz any time?

  3. nijazz says:

    Good stuff, I’m pretty jealous of the background too!!

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